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It stars Bharath and Sriya, with Vivek, Ajay and Rajendran in supporting roles. The film features music composed by A. R. Rahman and Rahman's father Karthik Raja. The film released on 2 September 2008 and received positive reviews from critics. Plot The film starts with an old man looking at a pile of money at a beach. In the same scene, another old man is being shown, gazing at a statue of Ganesha. The soundtrack of A. R. Rahman's and Karthik Raja's song "Aadhaar" plays in the background. Kakkarakaadum Padhum ( Srinivasan) is a respected music teacher. Kakkarakaadum Padhum has come to the beach with his wife Maragatham (Gayathrie) and is looking at the money on the beach. His daughter Sindhu (Sriya) is in love with Suresh (Vivek), the son of the teacher Harish Chandra (Ajay), and the two of them were promised to each other. Maragatham was upset about this, but Kakkarakaadum Padhum assures her that Suresh will be a good son-in-law. Maragatham leaves to get their daughter back, while Kakkarakaadum Padhum watches a scene from the film Padhi Padhi. The scene then shifts to Kakkarakaadum Padhum's house, where his students, Suresh and Sindhu, are singing the song "Kadhala Kadhal Enna Nee". During the course of the song, they make fun of their seniors, who are very old. Suresh talks about the problems of being young and how he had a hard time growing up, which has caused Sindhu to make fun of him in response. They talk about women, and Suresh, unaware of his father's reputation, talks about women in general. Kakkarakaadum Padhum is a Sanyasi (a man who has renounced the world and adopted a life of asceticism) and is approached by Shobana (Sriya), who asks him to take a look at her in return for a favor, and he agrees. When he returns, he notices that Sindhu and Suresh are performing the song "Thiru Kadal Enna Nee", and he sees Shobana making love to




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Vaaranam Aayiram Full Movie Download Kickass Torrent truttrav

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